It can be hard to keep track of which social media platforms are 'hot', and which ones are the new Bebo or Google+, also known as 'that thing I have a login for but haven't used in about four years'. We think Tumblr is a popular thing now, and we like the official Splatoon page in any case - this writer's too old to be confident about what's cool any more, or even if it's cool to say cool. It's a minefield.

In any case Pokémon thinks Tumblr is a happening thing and has set up an official page. It's very, very yellow and makes use of the cute-but-slightly-sad business suit Pikachu, which is always a smart move. If you want officially sanctioned GIFs it should probably be added to your bookmarks.

Business Pikachu.png

So, if you're a Tumblr fan check it out!