The 3DS eShop has apps to cover various hobbies - for example you can draw, code games in BASIC and, of course, create music. Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard has some competition in the music composition area, but it's keen to make its mark on the portable.

Having arrived in North America on 18th February, it's now confirmed for Europe on 3rd March at a price of €7.99. Below is a list of features that we previously shared:

Main Functions:

  • Video tutorials included in the application.
  • Automatic accompaniment with 14 music styles and 4 variations.
  • Eight programmable chords and 12 chord types to choose.
  • Availability of 32 instruments from retro to modern style.
  • Integrated sequencer with independent chord and melody tracks.
  • Independent mutes for drum, bass and chorus parts.
  • Six octave keyboard (2 visible).
  • Chord scale visualization.
  • Key zoom function.
  • Real-time quantization.
  • Pitch bend function.
  • Metronome.
  • Left-handed mode.


  • Store up to 128 creations.
  • Share your music through Miiverse™, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Import other user's music from Miiverse™ or QR Code patterns.
  • Export your songs in AAC format to the SD Card.

Are many of you in Europe tempted to pick this up?