Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard

Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (3DS eShop)


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Abylight Studios
Abylight Studios


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User Ratings: 3

Our Review: 5/10


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Single Player
Education, Music
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3DS eShop

  • US 18th Feb 2016, $7.99
  • EU 3rd Mar 2016, £7.19

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Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Screenshot
Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard Screenshot


  • Review Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard (3DS eShop)

    Doot doot doot doot

    We're not scientists, but we're pretty confident in our super-accurate theory on how most people use electronic keyboards in their waking life. Namely, the musician-at-heart walks up to one, switches it on, finds the kitschiest beat in its midi library - studies say it's "salsa" 100% of the time - bangs out some nonsensical...

About The Game

Share your musical genius using Musicverse: Electronic Keyboard!

Record the melody stuck in your head wherever you are and show it to the world, there are no limits with Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter! Listen to and play the creations of Miko in Japan, John in Canada and Magnus in Europe - everyone just a note away! If you are an expert or playing for the first time, Musicverse guides you easily through all the possibilities at your fingertips in your Nintendo 3DS.

If you're getting to grips with music, watch one of the integrated video tutorials to get yourself started. When creating music, you'll have access to a left handed mode, a six octave keyboard (two visible), chord scale visualisation, and pitch bend and key zoom functions, and real-time quantisation. You'll also have eight programmable chords and 12 chord types to choose from, automatic accompaniment with 14 musical styles and four variations, an integrated sequencer with independent chord and melody tracks, independent mutes for drum, bass and chorus parts, metronome and access to 32 instruments, from retro to modern style.

Store up to 128 of your creations and share your music through Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter. You can also import others' music from Miiverse or QR code patterns and export your creations in AAC format to the SD card.