Update 2:

Nintendo of America has also confirmed that Miitomo registration will open on 17th February in the region.


A Nintendo of Europe press release has confirmed many of the details below, along with a few other snippets of information. Pre-registration for Miitomo - as outlined below - will also launch in Europe on 17th February, tying in with registration for My Nintendo accounts for an app-specific reward.

Original Article:

The Japanese-language version of Tatsumi Kimishima's most recent President's Briefing is available, and though short of any major revelations it does contain some firm details. A notable example was information on the My Nintendo account system - which will have Platinum and Gold currency - and there are also a handful of details on Miitomo.


As you can see in the image above, Miitomo will have a Photo Mode that's somewhat reminiscent of the AR cards used with the 3DS; there's no card in this instance, naturally, but it'll allow users to create and share real-world images that feature their Mii.

Miiitomo roll out.jpg

It was also reiterated that Miitomo is on track to launch alongside the My Nintendo service - it'll land in Japan in mid-March and in another 15 countries at some point that month (more will follow); a map of applicable countries is above, including North America and much of Europe. Pre-registration on iOS and Android will begin in 17th February (date to be confirmed for other countries) to enable users to download it right away once available; notably doing this will entitle those users to a Platinum point in the My Nintendo service, so it's the first incentive for the loyalty programme, too.

With this app Nintendo's goal is to rapidly gain users through the free-to-play aspect, and hopes for cross-pollination between Miitomo and the new account loyalty service. The first goal for My Nintendo membership is 100 million users, showing how the programme will target those that don't necessarily own Nintendo gaming hardware at the point they initially register.

Are you planning to try Miitomo, especially if it brings a potential early reward in the My Nintendo service?

[source nintendo.co.jp]