My Nintendo


The official English translation of the briefing is now live, reinforcing the details below.

Original Article:

As many of you are likely aware, Nintendo recently held another investor's meeting. While these things aren't strictly about big announcements that are entirely relevant to the general public, new details related to the company's near future are often divulged in one way or another. It appears that the latest meeting didn't carry any major new announcements, though we have a clearer picture of what My Nintendo will entail.

The transcripts from the briefing are still in Japanese at the time of writing, so bear with us, as we're going off of unofficial translations at the moment. For starters, My Nintendo will go live in March in 39 different countries, with pre-registration opening on February 17th.

It seems that there will be two points systems at play; Platinum Points will essentially function like the former Club Nintendo, with goods and games being up for grabs, and Gold Points will act as coupons for the eShop. My Nintendo will initially start with emails, points, coupons, and remote downloads, then will later expand to encompass the friends list, cloud data, and in-store credit. [Update: Unofficial translations referenced re-downloading eShop purchases to other devices, we're removed this as it is not in the official document]

We'll be sure to update this post as soon as soon as the official translations go out. Until then, what do you think? Is Nintendo going to get it right this time? Share your thoughts in the comments below.