We know the popular narrative for some is to say that Sonic's been in a rut and had a bad run of games, but recent years have brought some solid entries. Sonic Colours / Sonic Colors certainly qualifies as one of the better releases in the past couple of generations, blending 2D and 3D play with some neat twists and power-ups.

In addition to being a fun Wii game, it also has some fascintating glitches. The A+Start channel on YouTube has compiled plenty of them in the video below, and they're some of the coolest glitches we've seen in a while - 2D areas playable in 3D, tricks for speedruns and others that allow you to simply explore environments far beyond the scope that was intended.

Just because a game's good doesn't mean it can't be riddled with fun glitches to use; Sonic Colours is proof.