David Wise

Rare is a studio that's known for putting out multiple classics on Nintendo's older hardware. Though the studio is arguably best known for its Nintendo 64 games and its work on the Donkey Kong series, it also put out Battletoads way back on the NES. Known for being a great example of 'Nintendo Hard' gameplay – especially with that hoverbike sequence – the beat 'em up has something of a cult following in current times.

David Wise – the composer for numerous Rare games – was responsible for the soundtrack of Battletoads, and a video was just posted to Rare's YouTube account where Wise reminisces on his time working with the game. There's plenty of interesting trivia about the hardware limitations of Nintendo's first home console, and at the end he even does a piano rendition of the Battletoads main theme. Check it out:

What do you think? Did you ever beat Battletoads? What did you think was the hardest game on the NES? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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