The Super Smash Bros. community seems to be in a positive period of expansion at present, with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U combining with the much-loved Melee to add some extra spice to the competitive scene, with Nintendo also showing signs of engaging more with that area. A decent audience of more 'casual' players have also enjoyed the hype of regular DLC reveals, so there's been plenty to follow for players both competitive and otherwise.

Now there's an app designed to be a valuable tool for fully signed up enthusiasts in addition to those contemplating going deeper with the series. SmashPad has now launched as a free download on iOS, and aims to provide a substantial resource. In addition to detailed stats on fighters, it aims to offer videos, access to live streams and information on tournaments. It was originally funded via Kickstarter, and you can see a trailer below.

The app has only just launched on Apple's platform and there's an Android version on the way, so it can certainly evolve in the months to come; there are a few reviews up so far, with two positive and one complaining at a focus on Melee and a comparatively limited amount of data for Smash 4. In principle, though, it seems full of potential as a major resource for fans.

If you're an iOS user and Smash fan it may be worth checking out.