We were super excited when Super Mario Maker was finally released for Wii U last September. Whilst we were impressed enough with the final product to give it an 'Outstanding' 10/10 in our review, we felt there was one particular thing lacking - a place to share courses with friends online.

In the spirit of being 'makers' we cobbled together a quick section for Nintendo Life readers called 'Super Mario Maker - Share Your Levels' which allowed you guys to share your courses with fellow readers and rate one another's creations.

We used this page as a basis for a Super Mario Maker competition here in the UK, which saw three lucky winners showcase their courses at EGX and pick up some nifty prizes. We also managed to convince a few developers to showcase their courses in a series called 'Super Nindie Maker'.

Fast forward to the December update and Nintendo finally introduced the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website that acts as an official web hub to share your courses with friends, and has many of the same features our courses sharer has; because of this we have decided to retire our system and redirect all the URLs to their respective pages on Super Mario Maker Bookmark.

We'd like to thank everyone who submitted a course - you added just over 15,000 courses in total with over 7,500 ratings and 6,000 likes. Wa-hoo!

Thanks for-a playing!