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Companies sometimes behave in sociopathic ways, if we're to think of these enormous corporate entities as we would a person - Sony's a current example in trying and failing to trademark the "Let's Play" phrase - but occasionally they do something nice. Sure, it's often the case that it's all about securing loyalty, but let's not be cynics about everything - some gestures are just a thank you.

Nintendo's Official UK Store is giving away Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2016 Calendars to some customers for free as a thanks for their custom in 2015, though free shipping is only available when you spend over £20; so without other purchases they're giving calendars away for just £1.99, which is still nice. Just make sure you use the FREEANIMALCALENDAR promotion code when checking out.

We do remember a period from 2011 to 2013, in particular, where Nintendo ran quite a few giveaways and handsome promotions (there were some in the last two years, too) and hopefully there'll be more to come. With the company heading into its most promising and exciting year for a generation (potentially) it may be worth the regional groups coming up with promotions to put smiles on the faces of loyal fans. The upcoming My Nintendo account service - due in March - will perhaps do just that.

It wouldn't be cool of us to share the UK store code and jeopardise stock levels for those that do have it, and ask you don't do that in the comments either. We just thought it was nice to see a generous gesture; it's possible for companies to not behave like cruel masters on some occasions.

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