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Image: Akio Kon/Bloomberg

Share values are vulnerable, to varying degrees, to wider issues and implications of major economies and markets. Those following such things will know that stock markets have experienced a lot of recent turbulence, though recently we shared the re-assuring news that Nintendo's share value rebounded - to an above average level - in Japan.

Since that point there have been drops, but the most recent day of trading in Japan - at the time of writing - saw the country's overall market value increase once again, if only by 0.2%, after three solid days of decline. Nintendo was the biggest contributor to the overall increase, seeing its share value go up by over 9% to 15,990 Yen at closing; a climb of that percentage in a single day is a significant jump. Bloomberg reports that investment group Macquarie raised its rating on Nintendo, with Barron's Asia linking some of that renewed confidence to recent confirmation that Miitomo is on schedule for its March release; DeNA stock also rose over 3%.

You can see the spike in value below.

Nintendo shares.png

It's pleasing to see that Nintendo's share (and therefore company) value is not only holding firm with the market, but in cases like today actually improving a long way above the average. With the likes of the NX announcement, Pokémon Go and more DeNA apps on the way there's plenty for investors to consider as positives for 2016.