Nintendo / Dena

It's been a grisly start to 2016 in the stock market, with dramatic falls in China contributing to falling share prices around the world. After a number of consecutive days of decline the Japanese stock market rallied today, however, and Nintendo's shares seem to have been among the biggest beneficiaries.

In the most recent day's trading two separate averages in the Tokyo market climbed just under 3%, a reverse after a trend of six days of consecutive drops. Nintendo's share value jumped 935 Yen, just under 6.5% overall, bringing it to its highest point since 5th January and to a notable level in the broader context of the market.

Trading on 13th January brought a welcome increase

Bloomberg highlighted a number of Japan-based companies that posted increases of around 4% and above, with Nintendo being the biggest gain of those cited. Analyst Hideki Yasuda at Ace Research Institute cited 'high expectations ahead of a new smartphone game release', according to Bloomberg, which presumably refers to the planned March release of Miitomo.

It's certainly a positive that Nintendo showed some of the healthiest gains when the wider market allowed it; after two months of gradual decline the above-average increase may steady some nerves.