Back in late 1996, with the Nintendo 64 fresh on Japanese store shelves and Super Mario 64 thrilling gamers, Nintendo pushed out a unique title on the aging Super Famicom called Marvelous: Mouhitotsu no Takarajima, which translates as Marvelous: Another Treasure Island.

Notable for being the design debut of Eiji Aonuma - the man now in charge of the Zelda series - this unique release mixed RPG elements with point-and-click mechanics to create a totally unique - if short - experience. It also looks and sounds a lot like A Link to the Past, which is no bad thing.

The game never got an English localisation due to its late release in the lifespan of Nintendo's 16-bit system, but it has been translated by fans in the years since, and a fresh patch - which includes graphic hacks to replace every bit of Japanese text into English - is now available. If you own a Retron 5 or Retro Freak, you can apply this patch to the original game cartridge and lose yourself in one of the most original games in the Super Famicom library.

Thanks to Gonçalo Lopes for the tip!

[source romhacking.net]