The 3DS has now been on the market for over four years, in that time making use of auto-stereoscopic 3D in a lot of games. After the original models suffered from a narrow viewing angle the New 3DS has delivered more stable 3D, so in this time of Nintendo's improved and solidified the technology it can be interesting to look back at its earlier efforts.

Most are familiar with the Virtual Boy, but not everyone will necessarily know about the Famicom 3D System. It was only released in Japan in 1987 with a limited number of compatible games, utilising active shutter glasses and compatible with old CRT TVs built to the Japanese and North American standard. There was a similar bit of technology on the market from SEGA in that era, too, and is proof that the idea of bringing 3D into gaming has been around for nearly 30 years.

The My Life in Gaming channel has done a great job of showing this off, so check it out below if you want to learn more.