Mario Kart 7

It's difficult to believe, but Mario Kart 7 just passed its 4th birthday. Things looked a lot different in the days of its launch; the Wii U was still a year away, the eShop was in its infancy, and there admittedly weren't very many 3DS games worth owning. Mario Kart 7 marked the beginning of change, kicking off what became a significant rise in quality and value for the platform.

A Youtuber by the name of Zoroark007 recently made a mod for Mario Kart 7 that adds in Moonview Highway, of Mario Kart Wii fame. It appears that it's only accessible within the Time Trial mode, but nonetheless it's a rather impressive effort. It also raises an interesting point, in that Nintendo never actually produced any DLC for Mario Kart 7. Granted, it's possible that the infrastructure for it didn't exist on the eShop back when the game was still relevant, but it's still an odd thought given how much DLC support Mario Kart 8 received.

What do you think? Will Nintendo ever bring DLC to Mario Kart 7? What do you think of this recreation of Moonview Highway? Drop us a comment in the section below.