We'd love it, but it's probably not going to happen

As we all know, Minecraft on Wii U is no longer a fantasy - it's real. And, as many have pointed out, that means that Microsoft is releasing a game on a Nintendo system. Wonders never cease, right?

This event has predictably triggered a frenzied response online, with some incredibly optimistic individuals allowing their brains to run riot by suggesting that it could now be open season on Microsoft properties appearing on the Wii U - and conveniently ignoring the fact that Minecraft has always been a multi-format IP, and is also available on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

One of the games Wii U fans are clamouring for is Rare Replay, an Xbox One package which is littered with amazing games - many of which originally launched on Nintendo systems. We've already stated that this would be the ideal fit for the Wii U, but the harsh reality is that it's unlikely to see release on any other console than the Xbox One.

However, Microsoft's Twitter account has - perhaps unwisely - responded to calls for Rare Replay on the Wii U by passing the buck and suggesting that people petition Rare itself - a move which the UK studio is probably less than happy about, given the massive flood of responses:


In fact, fans have gotten so worked up that Microsoft has had to issue a somewhat exasperated statement - which, rather tellingly, is currently pinned to the top of its Twitter profile:


We honestly wouldn't get your hopes up for Rare Replay on Wii U. Or Gears of War. Or Halo. Or any other big Xbox One exclusive. Besides, Phil Spencer seems to think the relationship will work the other way around.

UPDATE: Rare has responded to the tweets, and it is as we expected: