Xenoblade X sad face.jpg

The UK chart results are out, with these being the penultimate listings issued before the final Christmas list is released next week. It continues the status quo, largely, with a disappointing but inevitable week two drop-off for one of the year's finest games.

Xenoblade Chronicles X has unfortunately dropped out of the all-format top 40 after its launch début in 28th place, though it's still a respectable 4th in the Wii U-only chart. It was somewhat inevitable due to its niche status, but nevertheless it disappoints us when a terrific game doesn't achieve the sales success it perhaps deserves.

In any case, normal service is resumed elsewhere with Nintendo titles handing on in the bottom half of the chart. Mario Kart 8 is first up in 24th place, with Splatoon in 27th and Super Mario Maker completing the Wii U lineup in 34th position.

Two 3DS titles make the cut, meanwhile, with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in 36th place and Tomodachi Life squeezing into 40th.

Meanwhile Just Dance 2016 for Wii has re-entered the single-format top 40 in 27th place; dance fans are still rocking the last-gen, it seems.

Overall, Nintendo is achieving some reasonable sales on its biggest releases in the UK, but is ultimately lagging well behind blockbuster hits on PS4 and Xbox One.

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