Collectors take note

Skylanders Superchargers was pretty unique on Nintendo formats as the starter pack launched with either Bowser or Donkey Kong, and the figures could be toggled between Skylanders and amiibo functionality by turning the base.

The problem for serious amiibo collectors is that you have to purchase a starter pack to get either of these figures, and for those who simply want the plastic and aren't bothered about the game itself, that's an expensive prospect.

Thankfully, it would appear that Activision has your best interests at heart, as it is launching combo packs for both characters at a much cheaper price point.

Turbo Charge Donkey Kong comes with his Barrel Blaster while Hammer Slam Bowser has the Clown Cruiser. Both are expected to retail at $24.99. If you've been putting off getting these special Skylanders amiibo based on the high cost, this should be music to your ears.