"I found a gun!"

GoldenEye 007 has been in the news lately thanks to comments from designer Martin Hollis regarding changes proposed by Shigeru Miyamoto, so this latest Teens React video is quite timely.

You know the drill by now - the guys at the React YouTube channel take an old game, locate some willing teens and make them play it, filming the results for our entertainment. The classic N64 shooter doesn't garner the usual sarcastic comments - in fact, some of the participants have played it before - but it does bamboozle a few of the players when it comes to finding a weapon.

As we all know, in GoldenEye 007's multiplayer mode, "On Site Procurement" is the order of the day - you begin with no weapon other than you fists. Finding a suitable firearm is your first goal as soon as the match begins, and it is this element of the game that seemed to throw some of the teens.

It's amusing viewing as ever, with plenty of memorable quotes. Our favourite is "How do I hit this chick?", delivered entirely without irony. Enjoy.