Image: Engadget

Last week we reported on the news that the legendary SNES PlayStation has been turned on and played, proving once and for all that the system is the real deal and not an elaborate fake, as some people had claimed.

Dan Diebold - son of Terry, who unwittingly purchased the system when the company he worked at went bust - has now posted a video of the moment when the console was turned on for the first time. He first thanks all the people who took interest in the console, as well as "the haters" who branded him a liar and a fraud.

As you can see from the footage, the console powers on and shows the "Super Disc" screen, as well as diagnostic menus. However, the CD drive doesn't seem to be functional, although Diebold does state that he will try and fix the issue before posting another video.

It's a piece of gaming history in motion. Enjoy.