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Back in 2013 famed writer and game maker Shigesato Itoi described the prospect of Mother 4 as impossible. That was a pretty blunt comment, though naturally it didn't stop fans from dreaming.

Perhaps we should move on to other games on our wishlists, though, as Itoi-san has once again emphatically ruled out producing another entry in the series, saying it's "totally impossible". On this occasion, though, he gives some solid reasoning to Game Watch Impress as to why that is the case, explaining that he makes a living elsewhere and that, creatively, it's difficult to match the three games already produced.

When I made 3, I thought I could do it, so I did it.

Among big-time popstars, if they, you know, put out ten albums, around the fourth album, they can't make very good songs. The albums sell, but everyone at the concerts wants to hear songs from those first three albums. Everyone.

I'm glad that video games are not my profession. If it was my job, I would've already made 4 and 5.

Fans continue to keep the series alive, of course, but outside of that it seems a comeback isn't on the cards. On the plus-side Mother 3 was recently confirmed for the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan, so we're hopeful that the recent localisation of the NES original as Earthbound Beginnings will act as a spur to complete the trilogy in the West.

With thanks to Benson for the heads up.

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