Nintendo has once again hand-picked a selection of courses from the 100 highest-rated Super Mario Maker courses across Europe. Give them a spin and let us know what you think by posting a comment at the end!

Fun and fair Challenge!

WiiU_SMM_Fun and Fair challenge_003.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by {ñ²}Nuki from Germany

Thanks to a range of platforming challenges that require ever-faster reactions and precisely-timed jumps, it's fair to say that this course lives up to its name!


WiiU_SMM_Take Care of Mr Mole_002.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Mario Star from France

While most of Mario's enemies are merely out to hinder him, in this course one of his foes will prove to be his ally! Outsmart the relentless Giant Monty Mole pursuing you to solve puzzles and foil traps, before finally meeting him face-to-face.

Spooky Scary Skeletons

WiiU_SMM_Spooky Scary skeletons_001.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Nicolini from Norway

Dry Bones, Giant Chain Chomps and Circling Boo Buddies all await you throughout this creepy graveyard-themed course. Those who can perform precision jumps and ain't afraid of no ghosts should enquire within.

World 6-3: Power-Ups is the Key

WiiU_SMM_World 6-3 Power Ups is Key_001.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Sean.W from the UK

Each stage of this course can only be accessed with a particular power-up. As you progress through each challenge you'll feel a great sense of empowerment spurring you on to reach the end.

Snake Block Castle

WiiU_SMM_snake block castle_002.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by wurst from Germany

Danger awaits whenever you enter a castle. Rather than Bowser or his minions, your greatest threat this time comes from... blocks? Dodge fireballs, keep your feet out of the lava, and take care not to get squashed!

Wiggler Woods

WiiU_SMM_Wiggler Woods_003.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Nigel from the Nederlands

If you go down to the woods today, you'd better take a Super Mushroom or two! Guide Mario through a dangerous horde of Wigglers and try not to leave too many foes seeing red…

SMB3 Authentic Airship V3

WiiU_SMM_SMB3 Airship_003.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Louis from the UK

With volleys of cannonballs, hordes of Rocky Wrenches and an array of burners all vying to take you down, this course is a great tribute to the legendary Airship courses of yesteryear.

Highland Forest Climb

WiiU_SMM_Highland Forest Climb_002.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Monique from Australia

Grab a Propeller Mushroom and soar to new heights in a course that encourages some daring leaps and plenty of opportunities to drop in on your foes.

Super Shadow Puppeteer

WiiU_SMM_Super Shadow Puppeteer_002.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Distrattos from Norway

Indie developers Snow Cannon Games were challenged to make a course for EGX 2015. The result recreates some of the atmospheric exploration and suspenseful chase sequences found in their own Wii U title, Shadow Puppeteer.

Tricky Rooms

WiiU_SMM_Tricky Rooms_002.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Imp from the UK

Only platforming masters need apply here. With each room requiring you to beat ever-trickier challenges, you'll feel like there isn't a jump you can't land after besting it!