8 Bit Music Power

The Famicom was a trailblazing console in many ways, virtually paving the way for a successful game industry after many thought it would fade away. Nonetheless, the console is a product of the early 80's and has since been succeeded by numerous consoles that have gone on to achieve bigger and better things. Although the console has inspired countless retro themed games on modern consoles, it nonetheless hasn't had any new releases in a couple decades. That is, until recently.

A Japanese video game accessory manufacturer – Columbus Circle – has just announced 8 Bit Music Power, a new game for the Famicom. It's really not much of a game, rather it's a collection of a dozen original 8 bit tunes set to an awesome pixelated visualizer. It releases in Japan on 31st January for about $30 and there currently isn't an NES equivalent, though the company has noted that there's significant demand in the West.

What do you think? Would you like to see this come to the West? What's the last game you played on an actual NES? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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