Hopefully receiving a sequel soon?

For those of you that aren't aware, Rune Factory is an interesting RPG that aims to merge elements of Harvest Moon with more conventional fantasy themes. While a large portion of the game does revolve around tending crops and building relationships with fellow villagers, there's also dungeons to explore and monsters to slay or befriend. We awarded Rune Factory 4 – the most recent entry in the series – a 9/10, praising its irresistible charm and the diverse amount of things to do.

Unfortunately, Neverland – the original developers of the series – was forced to close its doors shortly after the release of Rune Factory 4. There hasn't been talk of a new Rune Factory since, but evidently there's still hope. Ken Berry - the VP at XSEED, the publisher of the series - recently took part in an interview with Destructoid and a question arose around what's next for the franchise. Here's what Berry had to say:

There are continuing discussions on how to keep the Rune Factory series going, despite Neverland, the original developers, no longer being around. Hopefully, something will come of that in the not too distant future, because Rune Factory 4 was the best-selling title in the series, I believe, and it's a series that's been growing and growing over the years. Marvelous knows fans are clamoring for a sequel and are looking for ways to make it happen.

What do you think? Will the Rune Factory series live on? What would you like to see out of another entry? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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