Word Party.jpg

Though Word Party isn't a title that'll necessarily spark huge excitement among all Wii U gamers, it certainly has an audience. After all, Lightwood Games has been releasing a range of word games on mobile and 3DS, no doubt pleasing some with each.

This Wii U title is a little different in that it accommodates up to five players at once - using Wii Remotes and the GamePad - and is a mix of minigames that play around with various wordy premises. There are crosswords and word searches, of course, but also quirky minigames such as "Whack-A-Vowel" and "Space Blaster". We had a brief play of this at EGX in September and found ourselves having quite a lot of fun; for groups of wordy friends this is certainly one to watch.

It's coming soon, in any case, with a release date confirmed for 12th November in Europe and North America. It'll have a launch price of $15.99 / €12.79 / £11.99 until 26th November before going up to $19.99 / €15.99 / £14.99.