It's-a us!

For those of you in the UK who were lucky enough to attend this year's EGX - that's around 75,000 of you, according to official figures - the show may well seem like a distant memory now. If you miss the lights, the noise, the crowds and most importantly, the games, then allow our handy little highlights video to bring it all flooding back.

In case you weren't aware, Nintendo Life joined up with Nintendo UK for the third year running to host part of the company's stand at EGX. This year we held daily Splatoon tournaments as well as hosting several live events on the main stage. Our in-house video celebrity Alex Olney was on hand to provide commentary and pose for numerous selfies with lovely people, and he also got invited onto the YouTube Gaming stage to play a series of games - and came away victorious.

Nintendo Life songsmith Ryan Craddock also got in on the presenting action, and destroyed Guitar Hero Live over on the YouTube stage. He rounded off one of the days by performing his Super Mario Maker-inspired song Mix It Up in front of a large crowd. He'll be booking arena tours next, you just wait and see.

If you weren't able to attend then hopefully the following video will give you a taste of the big event, and if you want to see more you should check out our Facebook gallery of photos, too. Roll on next year!