Apparently Halloween is rather popular - maybe it's the outfits, all the sweets / candy, or just a general love of spooky and horrifying things. What was a bit of a laugh when your humble writer was in short trouser many years ago is now a 'Holiday', so we all need to jump on board.

Of course we'll do some Halloween-type articles here on Nintendo Life, but Nintendo of America is getting right into its Halloween business already, with the following video doing rather well on its YouTube channel.

Even months after its 3DS release the love for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is still strong.

Also for your interest is the following gameplay trailer for Yo-Kai Watch, which is out very soon. We're currently unsure of how much buzz there is around this one's arrival in the West; the reaction online seems low key overall, but that doesn't mean it won't fly off shelves in early November.

In any case, it seems Halloween is getting into gear already - time to start preparing costumes...