Splatoon's the game that just keeps on giving, and this week we get to feast our Inkling eyes on the Custom E-litre 3K Scope and the Custom Range Blaster!

The Custom E-litre 3K Scope is a scoped variant on the Custom E-litre 3K, allowing more precise aiming at the price of reducing your field of view whilst aiming. It comes loaded with Beakons and the gargantuan Kraken to topple your cephalopod adversaries.

The Custom Range Blaster is a long to mid range weapon with an ace up its sleeve: it has the mighty Splat Bombs to tackle foes who are trying to get a little too close and if all else fails, this little number also has the Kraken to take on any would-be splatters.

Check out both weapons in the videos below, and make sure you subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube if you haven't already!