To Bee or not to Bee?

The Medabots series may not be as popular in the west as it is in its native Japan, but there are still plenty of fans in this part of the world who will no doubt be pleased to learn that the series is getting a new entry on the 3DS. Those very same individuals may be equally annoyed by the fact that it probably won't get a western release.

Medabots 9 is currently in development according to Famitsu, and, as is tradition with the series, will come in two versions: Kabuto and Kuwagata. Little else is know about the game aside from the fact that it will boost 3v3 battles - a first for the franchise. The game follows Medabots 8, which arrived in Japan on the 3DS last year.

Recent entries in the series have sadly remained Japan-only - the last to be localised was Medabots Infinity on the GameCube - and there's no indication that this is likely to change any time soon, despite the efforts of fans.

Thanks to Benson for the tip.