JME - the Very Best

UK MC Jme has made a remix of the Season One (Indigo League) theme song of Pokémon, entitled 'The Very Best'. For those unaware, Jme is a popular music artist (specialising in Grime) from the UK who has been creating music since 2003, and has become well-known worldwide due to his unique style, impressive lyrics, and overall impact on the Grime scene.

The track focuses on the first generation of Pokemon (original 151), and more notably his beloved Shiny Charizard Pokémon trading card. The track is also accompanied with an awesome-looking animated video produced by Adsapaps, showing a cartoon Jme dressed as Ash Ketchum from the television series.

This isn't Jme's first mention of anything Nintendo. In fact, you can find many gaming references throughout various tracks of his, and he's even claimed to produce music through Mario Paint and the Game Boy Camera during his humble beginnings!

Even if you're not a fan of the track, you can't help but appreciate the animation and nostalgic vibe!