Nintendo dev program.png

In this generation Nintendo has been open-armed and welcoming to developers of all sizes, fostering the 'Nindie' age and opening the Wii U (and eventually the New Nintendo 3DS) up to development tools such as Unity. It seems to be stepping up those efforts, having launched a new Developer Portal with key information and an integrated application process.

The website has three distinct sections - Game Developers, Tool Developers, and Publishers. Each makes the same basic pitch - Nintendo is there to support your goals on its platforms, with the new website being a key point of entry. Developers will have access to intuitive tools to enable them to get the most out of the dev kits and so on, while publishers will soon have "advanced project tracking and ROM submission, project-based message boards and more" to help them along.

All of this culminates in a registration page where applicants can create a Nintendo Developer ID and specify their goals and credentials. It seems to be a more automated application process - though will naturally be assessed by a team at Nintendo - and existing developers are encouraged to contact their Nintendo admin to setup a developer ID account.

It seems like another positive move in making the process accessible and welcoming for developers interested in Nintendo systems. It's an interesting time for developers, certainly, especially if reports of the NX starting to get sent out to some teams are true.