UPDATE: Having played the final code ourselves, we've noticed that Lin's age remains unchanged.

ORIGINAL STORY: It is being reported that Nintendo has changed some of the more revealing outfits in the forthcoming western localisation of Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The changes were spotted in versions of the game currently being shown off at events in the west, and the only confirmed change so far is for the character Lin, who has had two of her outfits tinkered with.

As you can see in the comparison images on this page (left is western, right is Japanese), she now wears a top and shorts under her bikini. Also, the character's age has been bumped from 13 in the Japanese version to 15 in the western editions.


Recently, Nintendo took similar action with the horror title Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, removing the revealing bikini outfits and replacing them with Samus Aran and Zelda costumes, which were exclusive to the west.

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