Get some clothes on, you'll catch a cold

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (or Project Zero if you're in Europe) is out this week, and as we reported a few days back, comes with unlockable Nintendo-themed costumes which are exclusive to the western edition.

These costumes replace the more revealing lingerie bonus outfits that were included in the Japanese version. That's right - we've been cruelly denied the chance to gaze at a fictional lady in her underpinnings. Gnash those teeth and grab those pitchforks.

Our review went live yesterday. "A bit too much repetition and a few rough edges do mar the experience a little," is what we said. "But that absolutely shouldn't stop you from taking the plunge regardless."

Here's what we're missing out on:

And here's what we're getting:

Let us know which one you'd prefer a family member to see you playing when they accidentally walk into your room.