The baddies!

After much confusion and - as it has been rumoured - a bit of a U-turn, Nintendo of America is set to launch Devil's Third in North America this year - December 11th, to be precise.

Interestingly, Dell (yes, it sells more than just PCs) has listed the game on its own store with a budget price point of $29.99. This could be a mistake - Amazon has it pinned as a full-price game, as does NoA's own release schedule - but it wouldn't surprise us one bit if it got a price cut prior to launch, given the scathing reviews the title received upon its European launch.

Clearly, there's still a lot up in the air regarding this title. Both Amazon and Dell lack official cover art at present - the former has a placeholder cover while the latter is using the EU cover - and both are using an incorrect placeholder release date of December 31st. GameStop has the correct release date but still a placeholder cover.

Are you still interested in playing Devil's Third? If not, would a lower price tempt you to the take the plunge?

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