The internet can be a wonderful source of information, but can also get out of control when hype is engaged over potential goodies on the way. Nintendo recently fell victim to this when it inadvertently teased a tweet that was ultimately underwhelming, prompting plenty of frustration and humour.

Nintendo of America has been at it again, but this time on its official website as opposed to on its Twitter pages. As spotted by Wario64, its website seemed to confirm the upcoming Shovel Knight amiibo as a compatible amiibo to be trained in Super Smash Bros., which if accurate confirms the character as an upcoming playable character; it could possibly be an outcome of the Fighter Ballot that's now closed.

Nintendo went for the big red button, it seems, having now removed all compatible figure graphics from that web page.

Yacht Club Games, for its part, has been going all out - in a friendly and humorous way - to calm down the inevitable speculation that's followed.

The social media poster for the studio has got one aspect of its denials wrong, however, mis-reading the screengrab as listing the Shovel Knight amiibo as part of the Smash Bros. series, which it doesn't.

There have also been plenty of fans - including Unseen64 and occasional Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson - pointing out that Yacht Club Games put out similar messages to deny there was a Shovel Knight amiibo in the works; the figure emerged shortly after.

It's also worth clarifying that the original Wario64 screengrab isn't wrong when it lists the upcoming Mega Yarn Yoshi as compatible for training in the game. The existing smaller Yarn Yoshi amiibo are recognised as standard Yoshi figures in the game.

Whatever the case Yacht Club Games cannot win in this scenario, though perhaps Nintendo of America should be a little more careful with its tweets and website updates.

Would you like to see Shovel Knight as a playable character in Smash Bros., and do you think it's likely? Sound off in the comments!