Any day now, Nintendo

Though the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario series is winding down, the Legend of Zelda is actually next in line for the 30th anniversary treatment. As most of you are aware, Zelda U will also be releasing in 2016, albeit after a somewhat disappointing delay. For many, this is more than enough of an anniversary gift, though one does wonder what else – if anything – Nintendo has in store for this anniversary. If Eiji Aonuma is to be believed, nothing is planned yet, but this will likely change after Zelda U gets pushed out the door.

Famitsu recently conducted an interview with several developers for the Zelda series to coincide with the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. While most of the discussion was centered around the new game, the interviewer mentioned Zelda's anniversary in the discussion with Eiji Aonuma. Aonuma didn't really have much to say on the subject, stating that Zelda U is the first and only priority at the moment:

This year we wanted a Majora's Mask concert, so it is not impossible that there may be a 30th anniversary concert next year. However, as we are trying to complete the new Zelda as fast as possible, that is all that is on our minds. That being said, we hope something will take form for the 30th anniversary. It is especially important to a producer of the series, so I hope to give something everyone can look forward to next year.

He then went on to give something of a status update on how development is proceeding. By the sounds of it; the team is really feeling the heat, but nonetheless progress is going forward at a solid pace:

We're doing our best. Everyday we improve it bit by bit. It is something that requires plenty of time, however, so please believe in us and wait.

What do you think? Will Zelda U be delayed again? What would you like to see for Zelda's 30th? Drop us a comment in the section below.