Super Mario Maker has been in the hands of the gaming public for a few weeks now and has already generated an incredible amount of content, with players creating and uploading their stages for others to enjoy.

We've already had some good calls for the award of "hardest level ever", and only the other day Panga - who is famous for creating Super Mario World levels using hacking tools - saw his fiendish Bomb Voyage stage get beaten after thousands and thousands of attempts by other players.

However, Panga hasn't been idle and has created another course which could well be the hardest one ever made for the Wii U release. Pit of Panga: P-Break is so difficult that just watching its creator complete it had us covering our eyes at times.

The level remains unbeaten at the time of writing - 1996 players have attempted it 107,476 times. It took Panga 5 hours to create and 9 hours to beat himself, which gives you some indication of just how insane this level really is.

If you feel you're up to the challenge, then input the code below and let us know how you get in by posting a comment.