Super Mario Maker's level upload system has a simple but vital safeguard - to upload a level you have to be able to beat it. We may curse and claim some stages are impossible, but the fact is that every level in the game can be cleared.

Of course, if a ridiculously good player spends hours designing a stage then there is, ultimately, very little hope for many of us. Such was the case with the Bomb Voyage stage created by Panga, who's known for being a Super Mario World hacker and an extremely skilled player.

This stage went unbeaten in thousands of attempts, yet Speedrunner Bananasaurus Rex finally conquered it. Apparently a total of four hours were committed to figuring it out and then beating it, with proof in the video below.

Since that video was posted a few days ago a few more skilful platformers have successfully cleared the stage and shared their triumphs on Miiverse, though the level still has a 0.01% clearance rate in the game.

If you can beat level 2A8F-0000-0049-9485, we salute you.