As if the Inklings among us didn't already have enough to celebrate, it looks like the 2-disc soundtrack we recently reported on isn't the only piece of Splatoon merchandise emerging from the watery depths this year.

Freshly announced by Famitsu magazine and translated by Siliconera, "Splatoon's Fresh Art Book" is set to release in Japan very soon, with 320 pages of concept art, character designs, and much more to feast your eyes on. The book will also feature a cover illustration by the game's art director Seita Inoue.

The collection will cost 2400 Yen upon release - which equates to about £13 / €18 / $20 - and is hitting store shelves in Japan on October 10th (so you know what to get this writer for his birthday). We're sure to hear more details in the coming days, which means keeping your tentacles crossed that a Western release is a possibility at some point.

With such stylish, colourful visuals and an effortlessly hip aesthetic, this Wii U shooter seems the perfect candidate for a book detailing the design process. In fact; it could even give the Sunken Scrolls a run for their money.

Let us know if you're ready to splash some cash on this with a comment below!


[source famitsu.com, via siliconera.com]