It happened long ago in North America, but Club Nintendo is about to close in Europe - due to time zones it's already happening (at the time of writing) in Australia. If you have stars remaining now is the time to use them.

30th September is the date, so the hours are ticking down to grab items before it closes down for good. The Stars Catalogue in Europe still has plenty of goodies left in the form of various physical items and downloads. Those making a late rush to the catalogue may need patience, though, as at the time of writing we've found access to the catalogue's web page a little erratic [Update: this seems changeable, though we originally wrote that it was down after our initial attempts to access it].

It's the end of an era, and Nintendo fans in Europe are still awaiting details on how to receive Flipnote Studio 3D - distributed as a farewell in North America, in Europe the download will be a reward for those that sign up early to Club Nintendo's eventual successor.

Are there any items you're going to try and snag in the final hours? Can you even get the catalogue page to load? Let us know in the comments.