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We suspect that most Nintendo fans in the UK would acknowledge that the company's having a tough time in the country. Splatoon has been an exception in holding its own this summer along with a couple of other evergreen games, and the 3DS remains popular, but in the overall picture the big N is struggling in this particular market.

This week does portray a bit of a low, however. Devil's Third, a timed exclusive on Wii U ahead of a free-to-play multiplayer-centric PC version in the future, has failed to chart in either the all-format or single format top 40. In fact, over its launch weekend it only managed 8th place in the Wii U-only chart, coming behind the likes of Mario Party 10 and LEGO Jurassic Park.

The rest of the chart brings little cheer. Disney is likely disappointed to see Disney Infinity 3.0 beaten into third place in the all-format results by Xbox One and PS4 exclusives (Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in top spot and Until Dawn second), while sales of the Wii U version aren't great. In the single format chart the Wii U iteration is down in 26th place, making it the poorest selling version.

Splatoon is still leading the charge of Nintendo's games, but new releases this week and a presumed dip in sales has seen it drop down 12 places to 35th in the all-format charts.

It's a poor week by any standards for Nintendo in the UK - for example Disney Infinity 3.0 is number one in the Wii U-only chart, and we should consider that it placed a poor 26th in the overall single format chart.