Hyper Japan was nearly a month ago in London, a major expo that brings together various aspects of Japanese culture. Nintendo UK has been a big supporter of the event and had a booth on hand, also giving attendees what was - at the time - the first opportunity for the European public to go hands on with Star Fox Zero.

Unsurprisingly nostalgia is mentioned a fair bit in the Star Fox Zero player reactions video below, and we see plenty staring at the GamePad for more precise aiming. Though the preview build has been pretty divisive, naturally this video focuses on those happy with what they've seen.

The Splatoon video, also just released, is interesting for the fact that it appears to show actual Wii U converts. As a Brit your humble writer is therefore allowed to be a tad sarcastic about sales of the system in the country, so is pleased to see that that a bump is expected with two attendees stating they're tempted to buy the console. We wish the system had more of the success it deserved in the UK, but Gallows humour is all we have left at the moment.

Splatoon truly is a particularly strong suit for Nintendo and the Wii U right now, with its twist on shooter mechanics being a winning formula with a broad spectrum of gamers.

If you attended Hyper Japan in July let us know whether you had a go of these demos, and how you like - or otherwise - the Star Fox Zero controls.