Nintendo wasn't shy of releasing a whole load of Game Boy designs and variations in the '90s, and in the modern day enthusiasts and modders are more than happy to keep the trend going. There are a lot of cool mods out there - if you can think of a cool design you'd like to see, the odds are reasonable that someone, somewhere, has created the system.

They can be a source of income for modders, of course, and that's the case with Josh Shmosh, who partially funds his college studies by selling systems. His latest creation is the 'SquidKid', which is a Splatoon-inspired Game Boy mod. He's already created and sold two units, which you can see below.

Squid Kid1.jpg
Squid Kid2.jpg
Squid Kid3.jpg
Squid Kid4.jpg

These were sold without packaging or goodies for $90, in order to help fund the real run of 25 units. Below is the modder's own description of the systems:

They have custom unique paintjobs, new blue screen covers, internal prosound and orange backlights. (And lemme tell ya', these feel really nice to hold. Asphalt texture with paint splatters. It's great.)

With packaging and extras they'll cost more than $90, contrary to some reports, but their creator aims to keep the price as reasonable as possible.

Details on what the packaging will entail, along with potential design tweaks, will arrive this week along with pre-order information; if you want one of the limited run of 25 you'll need to follow the official Tumblr website closely.

So, what do you think of the SquidKid?

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