Sin & Punishment.jpg

Around about this time on a Monday we'd normally be posting the European Nintendo Download Update, but unfortunately for us it's a public Holiday that the big N seems to be observing. It's a bitter pill to swallow, we know, but we'll all just need to wait an extra 24 hours.

We do know two games that are coming to Wii U in Europe this week, however. One is Runbow, the excellent platformer that supports up to nine players, and the second has been confirmed by Nintendo UK via a trailer upload. The Nintendo 64 original Sin & Punishment, which just recently arrived in North America, will hit the EU on 3rd September.

Originally only released in Japan, Western audiences - outside of import enthusiasts - couldn't enjoy this one 'back in the day', though it arrived on the Wii Virtual Console in the last generation to show us all what we'd been missing.

Are you planning to grab this for your Wii U VC collection?