Rodea the Sky Soldier, a title with a troubled development and publishing cycle which failed to take off after release in Japan, is still nevertheless one to watch. A project originally led by Yuji Naka, we had fun with it when we went hands on earlier this summer.

Unfortunately, Amazon pre-orders were pushed back into November, despite the planned release of 13th October in Europe and 16th October in North America. NIS America has now confirmed that the retail delay was correct, stating that "due to ongoing technical difficulties" it will now arrive about a month behind schedule - its new release dates are 10th November in North America and 13th November in Europe.

To cheer us up NIS America has provided a rather nice visual of the packaging for the first print run of the Wii U version, which will also come with the Wii iteration; as you can see there'll be a neat reversible cover.


As for the 3DS, the launch edition will have a "limited soundtrack in a collectible box".

Are you still planning to pick this one up on Wii U and/or 3DS?