Super Mario Maker is now less than a month away, and Nintendo's released a rather cool overview video that shows it off and reveals some key new details.

There are some standout announcements - notably, it'll be possible to create and use your own sound effects in levels (along with some crazy visual effects) which opens the door to some bonkers possibilities. Music blocks can also be setup in such a way that, with careful design, will play recognisable tunes.

It's also been clarified that you don't immediately have access to the full toolset. In fact, you need to spend at least 5 minutes with the available tools before a timed unlock of more options is setup for the following day; in theory it'll take nine days to unlock everything.

Finally, 50+ amiibo will be supported, which is a hefty number but also means that not every single figure will be usable.

Check it out below - has this boosted your hype for Super Mario Maker?