Nintendo's marketing in North America has been interesting in the 3DS and Wii U era, as notable TV campaigns have often blended CG effects with real world actors - the latter are normally young teenagers to pitch to the family demographic. It's been a recurring formula and, to be fair to Nintendo of America, a lot of these trailers have been rather decent.

Now we have what we assume is the TV commercial for Super Mario Maker, in which a young gamer and chums sees his level creation take shape in the vast space in front of him. It's a simple idea with flashy execution.

Also of interest for those that missed it before is an updated version of the Super Mario Maker overview video, shared this time by Nintendo UK. It comes in at over seven minutes, introduces features and explains how the game works.

In terms of that North American TV commercial, let us know what you think. Are you a fan of this approach?