Yoshi Be Mad

Yes, we know, Yoshi's Woolly World is so last week in Europe, and a source of frustration for North America fans, but the latest Japanese trailer just has to be shared. Why? Because Yoshi gets angry.

Even when beating up on fools in Super Smash Bros., Yoshi is a happy presence - he's playful and cute, and can't be thrown off his game. Clearly Kamek goes too far in Woolly World, however, stealing away much of the Yoshi population and turning them into wool. Now it's time for Yoshi to get serious. He snaps, and like Arnie or Sly in any '80s action movie you care to name, he'll have his vengeance at all costs.

Yes, we're being daft, but check out the trailer for yourself below. We didn't realise that Yoshi had it in him.