Taking the rough with the smooth

Devil's Third has been the subject of much heated debate over the past few weeks with Nintendo of America's publishing status supposedly flip-flopping like a grounded Cheep-Cheep - and that's without even going into the recent previews that give a less-than favourable view of the game.

Unfortunately as critics it's our job to pick apart games, and considering we're usually treated to truly exceptional quality and fun from games with the Nintendo branding, it's no surprise that a game like Devil's Third has received some backlash.

We stand by the views in our preview, but that doesn't mean that the whole game is a train-wreck. We spent some more time with the game and discovered some areas where things look a lot more positive on certain fronts. You can find out what we thought in the videos below, and just to show that this is a balanced look at the game we've also included the bad stuff as well; would be folly to suggest that the game isn't without its faults.

Do you feel that Devil's Third has had too much negative coverage, or do you think all the slamming is justified? Let us know in the comments section below.