As promised, Nintendo has launched its Miiverse redesign, which is structured to re-shape the platform back into a game-centric social network. It's changed how our posts are categorised, and a 30 post a day rule - which doesn't include all in-game posts - is certainly the most controversial move, shutting off the chattier aspect of the community.

The redesign is live across the Wii U, 3DS and web browser, and initially looks familiar. Once you go into your own profile or a community, however, the splits between Journal Entries, Recent Drawings, Discussions and Screenshots become clear. Notably the redesign hasn't used an automated process to categorise old posts, so your profile will initially be empty.

Below is your humble writer's profile page (web browser version) after hurriedly throwing together a few posts to see how it works.

Miiverse TW NEW.png

When selecting the HOME menu from within Yoshi's Woolly World the community page offered gave options to save into the Play Journal or into the screenshot gallery, so we gave both a try. It's not blindingly obvious right now when accessing from the HOME menu, but you can start a discussion or post a drawing (like the Super Smash Bros. example we posted) by tapping the game name on the automated screen; this takes you to the main community page.

Overall the setup seems solid, albeit a little less intuitive initially due to the extra categories that are present; it's also a pity that old posts haven't been brought across [into the new layout], though communities do have a button at the end to show old posts affected by the redesign.

What do you think of the Miiverse redesign? Let us know in the comments below.